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Salon Vogue Facials & Skin Care .....
When you receive a facial at Salon Vogue, prepare yourself for a relaxing and exhilarating experience that is more than 'just a facial'. We believe a facial can be a time when you relax as well as feel rejuvenated and refreshed from the experience.

Our Salon Vogue Estheticians (Skin Care Specialist) believe that skin care is much more than cleansing the skin. It involves your entire body, mind and spirit. To have healthy, glowing skin you must eat well, exercise, and think good thoughts. Proper skin care is a life long habit of total well being.

Since 1980, Repêchage® has given women and men around the world a chance to regain the beautiful healthy skin they believed was lost forever. Repêchage® is a French word meaning "to rescue" or "a second chance." our superlative line of targeted care products for the face and body is steeped in the age-old tradition of European skincare with a healthy dose of American ingenuity. The result is a line that includes products for intensive anti-aging, sensitive, dry, oily and combination skin conditions, anti-acne, intensive anti-cellulite, daily body care and hand and foot care. All products are based on the wonders of seaweed and the best botanicals the earth has to offer. Even our extensive make-up collections is based on seaweed. Discover for yourself why Repêchage is a second chance for healthy beautiful skin. Repechage
Over the years, Sarkli/Repêchage® Ltd. has indeed developed a full range of skincare and body care treatments and products, and make-up, based on select nutrient-rich seaweed plants harvested from the coasts of Brittany in France.
Every skin treatment that you receive at Salon Vogue is completely customized to the needs of your skin through proper analysis and discussion with your professional Esthetician. A personalized home-care regimen is designed for optimum benefits between treatments.
Bi-monthly or Monthly treatments are recommended for best results.
Therapeutic Body Massage
Male, Female & Children

The many benefits of Therapeutic Massage....
Massage reduces stress and rejuvenates the body. Message encourages healing by promoting the flow of blood and lymph, relieving tension, stimulating the nerves, stretching and loosening muscles and connective tissue, keeping them elastic.

Before physical exercise, Massage helps get blood moving to assist in the warm-up. Massage after a workout, has been shown to reduce the waste products (lactic and carbonic acid) that build up in muscles after exercise which cause cramping and discomfort.

There is scientific evidence supporting claims that Massage enhances the immune system and aids recovery from soft tissue injuries by increasing blood circulation to injured areas. Some studies indicate that Massage can even reduce high blood pressure.

Massage can provide welcome relief from the symptoms of anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia, and stress, as well as back pain, headache, muscle pain, and some forms of chronic pain. Message is frequently recommended for the treatment of minor recommended for the treatment of minor sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries, as well as for the enhancement of physical conditioning.

Over 20 million Americans receive Massage therapy regularly!

       Check Mark In premature infants, Massage therapy was found to enhance weight gain and shorten hospital stays.
        Check MarkMassage reduced anxiety & lowered stress hormone levels in children with asthma, resulting in fewer asthma attacks.
       Check Mark Massage has been found to significantly reduce employee anxiety.
       Check Mark Massaging hospice patients was found to lower blood pressure and heart rate.
       Check Mark Massage reduced anxiety levels in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.
       Check Mark Studies have shown that Massage reduces levels of stress hormones.

We spend a great deal of time and money maintaining our homes and automobiles, yet often we forget to make the time to take care of our own bodies. Massage is one of the ways we can do more to take care of our body as well as our mental well being.

At Salon Vogue your comfort and satisfaction with our services is our priority. Salon Vogue Massage Therapists are highly trained and each Session will be tailored to your specific needs.

Massage is an effective way to reduce levels of stress and anxiety in one's daily life. When we take the time to relax and rejuvenate, we will have higher levels of energy; thus will be more effective in accomplishing life's goals.

Massage FAQ

Q: What do I do?
Breath! Relax! All you do is enjoy. This is a time for you to enjoy calm and relaxation. Breath Deep!

Q: What do I wear?
Usually the recipient disrobes and is covered with a sheet and blanket the entire time. Modesty is observed at all times. Your comfort is the highest priority!

Q: When is a good time to get a Massage?
When the kids have gone to school, or perhaps at the end of a long and stressful week. Any time you feel ready for a Massage is a good time to get one! Many people go straight to the gym after a Massage, while others go right back to work, though with a clearer mind and in a far more relaxed state.

Q: How often should I get a Massage?
This varies from person to person and depends on what your personal goals may be. An athlete may need to get Massaged often, especially when training. A person with a high stress job may want to get Massaged at least twice a month or more. Many people get Massaged weekly, others once a month.


            Salon Vogue Day Spa Professional Hair Removal....

Customized Body Waxing For Women
CheckComplete eyebrow shaping
CheckLip and Eyebrow
CheckFull face
CheckHalf arm
CheckFull arm
CheckFull leg
CheckHalf leg
CheckBikini line
CheckFull leg & bikini line
Customized Body Waxing For Men
CheckMen's full chest
CheckFull back

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